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  • Laboratory and Process pH
  • ORP
  • Ion-Selective and Conductivity Electrodes

EFC Parshall Flumes

Twist-Lock™ Sensors
pH, ORP, ISE, ISFET, and Conductivity

  • Low Cost Replacements
    Long-lasting, reliable, and low in cost for pH and ORP sensors. Twist-LockTM housing design allows for an all-in-one electrode or sensor replacement to reduce inventory requirements.
  • Safe Operation
    A stop pin is installed in the adapters for positive electrode/sensor positioning; locking pins on the housing are visible through an opening 90° from the removal slots to assure correct installation.
  • Housing Features
    ¼ turn is all that is required for installation. The housing is ribbed for easy handling.
  • O-ring Arrangement
    Dual external o-rings and an internal o-ring seal the electrode from any process leakage.
  • Quality “Built In”
    All parts meet strict, documented quality
    specifications, followed through each step of the manufacturing process.
  • Solid Polymer ReferenceTM
    Cross Linked Polymer for extended life in hot, harsh applications.
  • GXV
    Low impedance, ruggedized membrane, fast response, and 0-14pH range.
  • Multiple Sensor Options available

SPR is a trademark of Van London-Phoenix Co. Ryton is a trademark of Phillips 66 Company. Teflon and Viton are both trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.

Threaded Sensors
pH, ORP, ISE, Conductivity, and Oxygen

These are a few of our threaded sensor designs for pH, ORP, ISE, Conductivity and Oxygen measurements. Standard materials of construction include CPVC, Kynar®, Ryton®, Epoxy and Viton®. Optional materials of construction include polypropylene, PEEK®, Stainless Steel, PES, Kalrez® and EPDM. Other options include a large selection of Temperature Compensators, Tuff-Tip®, Large Ceramic Junction (MagnaSensTM), Solution Ground, Quick Disconnect Cable and a large selection of connectors. Standard process connections are 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” MPT but BSP threads are available on request.

Hot Tap / Retractable Assemblies

pH, ORP, ISE and Conductivity

The Hot Tap assemblies are designed so that the sensor can be removed from a tank or live line without process flow interuption. Available measurements in this configuration are pH, ORP, ISE and Conductivity. The sensors are available with many options including Temperature Compensator selection, Solution ground and MagnaSensTM reference junction. The Lock-N-LoadTM is an inexpensive design that isolates the sensor from the process without a ball valve. Standard materials of construction are Stainless Steel , Kynar®, Teflon® and Viton® but upon request, Hastalloy C and Kalrez® are available. The MKX is pneumatic and is supplied with flushing ports for cleaning or calibrating. Process connections are 1”, 1¼” and 1½” MPT. Custom designs are available for longer insertion depths. Custom options include special wetted parts, special valves and flanges. Some assemblies are rated up to 150 PSI.

Sensors for use in HF Solutions

Due to the chemical attack that Hydrofluoric Acid has on glass, it is recommended to use a thick glass membrane or to design a sensor without glass. The Antimony sensor is good for HF, but does require a special meter and has limited accuracy and a small pH range for operation. The polymer membrane pH sensor has an output that is similar to that of a glass pH electrode. Therefore no special equipment is necessary.

Sensor Options
VL-PC was founded based on the ability to manufacture custom electrodes. Below are some of our newer sensor options.

The Tuff-Tip® is a unique design that provides a low profile guard for the pH glass without protruding prongs that accumulate process material or debris. The Tuff-Tip® also incorporates a Large Ceramic Junction (MagnaSensTM) that reduces the chance of process material fouling the porous junction. In the correct installation, the Tuff-Tip® also aids in keeping the pH membrane and reference junction clear from coating.

Our NEW TempH sensor is specially designed for temperature extremes from -20 to 135 degrees Celsius. Most sensors exposed to these extremes will shatter but the TempH sensor is capable of both extreme high and extreme low temperatures without cracking the glass or boiling the internal fill solution. This is perfect solution to prevent temperature related probe failure during usage, shipment, autoclave or storage. Our unique designs and formulations allow for a significantly increased temperature operating range and R&D in underway to push these ranges even further. The TempHTM electrode series can be manufactured in a wide variety of styles suitable for laboratory, industrial or biotech applications.

Z-Gel is our newest cross linked polymerized electrolyte for improving stability and reliability of the reference. The Z-Gel allows for long probe life and lower maintenance, thus reducing overall cost. The Z-Gel also allows VL-PC to incorporate new designs for existing products, such as the Open Aperture Junction.


Introducing our new pH glass formula with unparalled performance. This new pH glass formula, “GXV”, can replace all other formulas, streamlining inventories and eliminating wasted time trying to select the best electrode for the job. The GXV formulation is perfect in low ionic strength solutions as well as high pH applications and is specially formulated to have lightening fast response time with superior accuracy and repeatability. The sample pH is registered in less than 10 seconds, the result is correct to within 0.02 pH units, and the pH value is reproducible over the entire pH range from 0 to 14 pH.


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